Vorta List program 2018 declare

Vorta List program 2018 declare
Elections - how important it is for an Indian citizen
Elections is important for the citizens of India because it is
A chance given to him/ her to decide the governing authorities be it at the centre / state / municipality / panchayat.
A golden opportunity to exercise his / her constitutional right and participate in a democratic exercise
Who can vote in a election?
A person is eligible to vote if s/he is
A citizen of India and
Has completed 18 years of age as on 1st January, 2017 and
Has registered as a voter in the current electoral roll of the constituency where s/he ordinarily resides.
Citizens of unsound mind and declared so by a competent court or those who are temporarily disqualified from voting under any law relating to corrupt practices and other election offence cannot vote
Why should I vote?
Your most sacred right
Your right is the at the heart of our democracy
Your chance to decide your future & that of your fellow citizens
Gives you the ultimate power to shape the destiny of your country
Every vote counts
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