Vodafone's debut offer, now, will fetch $ 1.4GB 1.4gb data

Vodafone's debut offer, now, will fetch $ 1.4GB 1.4gb data
V Delhi: After Airtel and Reliance Jio, the Wadapho has now revised the data plan for its prepaid customers. Vodafone has also been involved in telecom companies, which are giving tariffs of more than 1 GB in the old price to their customers. Vodafone will now offer 1.4gb / 3G / 4G data daily to its customers in the Rs 198 plan. This plan comes with a validity of 28 days. According to the

Vodafone website, there will be 1.4 Gb data in addition to unlimited Locked-STD and Roaming in 198 rupees. With this, Deli 100 messages are being delivered to the customers. In this way, the plan will get a total of 39.2 GB data, and earlier this plan received 28 GB data.

Recently, Airtel has revised its 199-rupee plan, which now gets 1.4GB data every day instead of 1GB. You will also get the benefit of unlimited calling as before on this recharge plan. The recharge value of 199 rupees will also be valid for 28 days. Plus, on the other hand, Reliance Jio is giving 2GB of data daily to its customers in the Rs. 198 plan, this plan offers unlimited calling and message also to the customers. Jio is getting 56 GB data customers in 198 rupees.
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