Teachers recruitment process in 35 solo colleges is closed for six months

Teachers recruitment process in 35 solo colleges is closed for six months
The process of recruitment of teachers in 35 single-digit schools of the state has been stuck for the past six months. Approximately 50 thousand candidates applied for 475 positions in different categories. Form fees up to Rs 100 from the candidates for recruitment were collected. But now the government talks about recruitment after the settlement of contract-based employees' request in the High Court. Candidates expressing dissatisfaction against them said that the government knew the employees were going to court. However, the process of recruitment has been accused of betraying the sentiments of the candidates. Gujarat Government announced the announcement on June 1, 2017 for the 475 posts of Gujarat State Tribal Education Society, 76, of the state-run secondary and senior secondary teachers, 308 of the teaching assistants and 91 of the upper primary department of Vidyas Sahyaks. On June 15, 2017, online forms were to be filled. Form fee was Rs. 100 for the open category and Rs. 50 for other category. Candidates take their presentations and are now interfering in Gandhinagar.
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