Watch Live Tv: Mukhyamantri Sapath Samaroh

Watch Live Tv: Mukhyamantri Sapath Samaroh

Gandhinagar: The state will take oath today by Vijay Rupani's government. However, before embracing the oath, Rupana shook the temple.

Before the oath, the CM had shrunk in Akshardham and Panchdev temple. Where Rupani said that today's day as a government for all-time development of Gujarat is a happy day. In Gujarat, we have prayed on development.

Vijay Rupani will take oath of Chief Minister. Nitin Patel will be sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister. 19 ministers of Vijay Rupani government will take oath in a grand ceremony in Gandhinagar.

This is the first time that such an oath ceremony will be attended by the Chief Minister of the state. Apart from this, about 30 ministers from the central government will also be attending the ceremony. Many new faces can be seen this time in the ministerial palace of Rupani. Let us say that for the first time in 22 years, BJP is getting less than 100 seats in Gujarat.

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