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Sunday, 31 December 2017

The focus of these talks is kept before the Central Staff Retirement

The focus of these talks is kept before the Central Staff Retirement

The pension of the central or state government employees will not be paid in 2004, i.e. the pension has been discontinued since 2004 and the new pension scheme has been released in place of it. But whenever employees take retirement, they should always keep these things in mind
1 should check your service records thoroughly if any kind of indrajas are left, then immediately bring it to the notice of the office.
2 should be fully aware of the allowances received on pension, should get the complete information in this regard from the office. If any documents are needed in this regard then be prepared.
3 If the pension account needs to be opened then immediately opened for this, it is also necessary to keep in mind the Joint Account or single, sometimes some offices require a joint account.
4 Before you go to pension, you must fill your nomination, it will always work after you go to pension.
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