The Central Election Commission's team will be Gujarat, the reason is special

A month later, the Central Election Committee will come to Gujarat. The Governor will submit a report to the governor on the election process conducted in Gujarat. When one month later, the election team will review the candidates' expenditure. That's the only thing that will be taking action against the notification. At the same time, we will also take action against those who do not submit accounts.
According to the basic information, the election team of 2 to 3 members will come to Gujarat in the coming days. Candidates participating in the election will have to pay the cost. According to the law, the cost will be more costly than the cost limit. According to the law, candidates who participate in the elections in 30 days of election process have to give their accounts to the Election Commission. Procedure for spending more than 16 lakh per candidate is processed.
The election committee analyzes the information received from the candidates and prepares the report. The governor is handpicked. After that step is filled in.
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