Standard 11th paper style Changed

Standard 11th paper style Changed.

Previously, the blue print of paper paper style of English second language was published by the Gujarat State Board. Suggestions were made to update the paper styling. A new paper style has been published based on these suggestions. Originally made changes in section C, D and E. According to the new question paper, the second and yearly exam paper will be extracted. According to the teachers of English subjects, new forms have been removed from the form of Word Forms and Word Building and framing quizzes, framing sessions, do as guided. E-mail composition has been put in place instead of letter writing in section E. However, there is no significant change in Saxon-A and B. As a new paradigm, a special emphasis has been placed on Gramar. If the systematic preparations are done according to the new paradigm, then the basic structure of English grammar will be strengthened by the students. Often students' English grammar is weak. 

That's why, considering the issue, the new paper style of Second Language English exam has been prepared.

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