Reserve related news : Poor families also get the benefit of the reserve

Chennai, Ta 16:. The Madras High Court has said that it is poor, poor, whether it is a pure caste or a backward caste or a backward caste. Such needy people should get the benefit of not only financial but also educational and employment reservations.

The Madras High Court has directed the Tamil Nadu government to find out the possibility of giving reservation on the economic basis of the backward class of the economically backward sections of the society. Justice N. Please suggest this on an application relating to changing class of seats in medical colleges. During the hearing on the petition, the judge said that the poor poor are being ignored. Nobody raises a voice for him, because in the name of social justice he is in fear of opposition. They said that social justice should be for every class of society. It is necessary that all the communities that have gone to Haseya should get the benefit of the reservation. Not only against backwardness but poor cultures should also be given the benefit of the reservation.

Justice affidavits in his affidavit said that the idea of ​​reservation for the poor of the poor community should not be seen against the people who get the benefit now. The court knows that all communities are poor and their educational, economic and social development should be there.

The High Court has said that there are 2251 medical seats in 22 political colleges. In which 31 per cent are reserved for general category, 26 per cent for backward castes, 4 per cent for Muslim backward, 20 per cent minority, 18 per cent for Scheduled Caste and 1 per cent Scheduled Tribes. In the general category 822 seats, the students of the additional reservation category are also contenders in the category of seniority list. In this case, the number of seats received in the general category is up to 7.31 percent, or 194 seats.

Directions given to the government, queries asked

- What are the classes in the general category, backward class, other backward class, minority, tribal, tribe? Its details are given.

- The population of all communities in the state should be told.

Do they improve their educational and social level after getting the benefit of the reservation?

- Has the government made any survey after the 1950s? Can it be confirmed that these communities have got the benefit of reservation?

Is the prospect of providing financial support to the general category on the basis of economic backwardness?

- Is the government aware that caste certificates are being misquoted?

- What are the strict steps taken to prevent such fake certificates?

What was the matter?

14 students in the government medical colleges filed an application in the matter of criminalization of the quota of medical seats of other classes against the decision of the backward class. The government's decision in the petition is a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution. The request was re-counseled for the seats allocated for another class

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