Large relief to the farmers, the state government has given bonuses in support of groundnut support

Gandhinagar: Benefits of getting groundnut prices of groundnut farmers in the state have started to buy groundnut at the support price from the 5th of October. By purchasing this, by December 22, 2017, the government has procured 56 lakh 59 thousand 90 quintals (ie 283 lakh grams of groundnut).
Apart from this, the State Government has given a bonus of 50 rupees per quintal in addition to the prescribed support price per quintal, and this amount has been increased to Rs 2,546.59 crore for 2 lakh 93 thousand farmers by purchasing it at 4500 rupees. These are being purchased through 266 centers in 23 districts of Saurashtra, Kutch, North Gujarat, Central Gujarat and South Gujarat.The Agriculture Secretary's Department of Agriculture, said that these purchases are done through state nodal agencies. Not only that, farmers have to pay no cost to send the groundnut purchased from the center to the godown. The whole arrangement for this is done by the purchasing organizations.The state government also monitors daily purchases made at support prices. He appealed to the earth's sons to take advantage of the purchase made by the state government at this support price.
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