Gas bottles from April after the subsidy eradication Get 1 thousand

From April -2018, the cost of LPG cylinders will go up to one thousand or more due to the closure of the subsidy. Which will increase the financial burden on ordinary people. In such a situation, there is a demand that the central government should reconsider the decision to cancel the subsidy.
At present, on December 1, 2017, the cost of subsidized gas cylinders for home use of 14.200 kg is about Rs. 740.50 paise. Consumer Protection and Action Committee has said that by the end of April, the price will touch one thousand. According to the committee, due to cancellation of subsidy, higher prices will be paid.
The price of Commercial Cylinder from 1 December to 19 Kg. 1308 has been determined. Accordingly, the price of kilo Rs. 68.84 When the subsidized 14.200 Kg LPG cylinder is sold, the price is Rs. 500 rupees to the customer taking into account 35.21 has to pay.
Thus, compared to the subsidy and commercial prices, the customer gets a subsidy of 33.50 per kg. Since the subsidy has been abolished since April 2018, the price of the cylinder is directly 500 will increase.
In 1979, when the central government raised the price of cylinders by 18 rupees, the BJP, sitting in the opposition (old-time) leaders, organized a fierce protest movement. Today, when he came to power, policies that increase the problems of poor and middle class are implemented. Customers should oppose this. The central government is grappling with consumers' grievances.
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