Alert: This virus will make the Android phone blast within seconds of calculation

A new virus is also included in the list of many viruses targeting the users' smartphone in large numbers. This virus steals all its information from the user's phone and will blast the phone within seconds of the countdown. Russia's security firm Kaspersky has alerted all mobile users around the world about this virus.The virus is considered to be the most dangerous virus and it is said that its name is Trojan loopi. This virus penetrates the smartphone and stole all the user's personal information. The security firm said that this virus hijacked users' credit card deitsdays, personal photos, documents. This virus is hijacking any smartphone with a remote location and then blasts it up.
Trojan loopy virus is found in Google's Android ecosystem. There are also viruses in the fak antivirus app and adult content. The virus is so dangerous that if it does not have the right time, it can steal any phone's sensitive data.
This virus seeks permission to access its personal information by targeting the user's phone and if the user does not give permission then the message pops up in the phone. This message is popped up until the user completes its information. Not only this, the virus also locks the user's screen.
Do this to prevent viruses
The most sophisticated solution to prevent this virus is that no user will click on any unknown link and neither click on an email from any unknown Sander.
Always keep updating your smartphone
Use premium antivirus software
  • -Do not download an app from any unknown website
  • - Do not install any unknown apps on the Google Play store in the phone.

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