The government took a big decision on the Internet, net speed would double again

Many people are teasing because of the speed of the internet, so now it is good news for you. In the next few days, the speed of Internet is going to be doubled and the mobile speed is also likely to increase Internet speed.
The reason for the increase in potential speed is that the government has introduced the use of E and V bands too. So far this band was safe with the government and it was not used. Communication Minister Manoj Sinha said on Tuesday that telecom companies had been demanding the availability of E and V bands for a long time. And now it has been accepted. Soon the Ministry will present this proposal against the Cabinet for approval.
 Currently, India is running much ahead of the other countries (89) for Internet speed. India currently lags behind countries such as Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
It is to be said that the current speed of India is 6.5MBPS. In this matter, South Korea is at number one with a speed of 28MBps.
Government has been providing the Internet connection with optical fiber through the Indian Net Planet to the village. Optical fiber line has been drawn up to 2 lakh 38 thousand kilometers.
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