The Congress list will be announced in two stages, Learn what the Strategy will adopt

The Congress has adopted a special strategy for the assembly elections. Under which, the names of candidates will be declared in two phases in the first phase. The names of the first non-controversial seats will be announced after the name of the second window will be announced at the last minute. The person will be given a direct mandate.According to a statement released by the Congress, the list of candidates for the first phase of elections will be announced in two phases of Congress Legislative Assembly elections for 2017. Candidates’ names will be announced on Friday, for unrequited seats. In which list of 50 candidates will be announced in the first phase. When the opposition can be declared, the names of the candidates will be issued directly without mandate. Last names will be announced at the last minute for the seats that can be opposed.There is also a possibility that Congress will take a strong stance on the selection of candidates.

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