Temporary workers are entitled to regular pay scales in the Supreme Court judgment, as well as dearness allowance, it is a welcome decision to work in the government as well as their peers. This does not confirm labor welfare so much as the principle of equality.
On top of the Supreme Court hearing, the Haryana government has declared the biggest pillar so far, it has requested all the temporarily unexpected employees to pay the same amount of wages and this decision will be effective from 1st of this month. And in front of it there is no decision in the case going on in Gujarat since 2012 and due to no reason at all, the case is sent to the hearing for the next date.
The decisions passed in cross appeals by the Punjab Government and the temporary workers, confirm the concept of right to the inherent in our constitution, it says that the principle of equal pay for equal work constitutes a clear and explicit authority and every Employee is appointed, whether it is on a regular or temporary basis. Specific ruling is for those employed by the government but it is also ideal for the private sector.
This can be done for the coming election, but it seems like a big boost for all this temporary staff.
What was the order of the Supreme Court order for the same thing?
See the wage bill increases, it is true, but a firm's wage bill will boost the economy, they will promote the demand of the products of the industry and invest in their children's education. But the court's decision will not leave the equal pay has been valid but not for the demand.
The court fully acknowledges that some workers may be permanent and others, in the same way as temporary, the only reason employers have to keep some workers in force is temporary and requires dissatisfied flexibility. If workers were able to upgrade their skills regularly, this decision has been decided whether the work is done normally or not. The penalty for proof is on the laborer who claims equal pay.
It is logical after this, the leaders of the union should pay attention to the safe work that guarantees pay in employment. The government will have to appoint employees along with the need for flexibility, to improve the labor notice, improve the labor laws, rent new skills, up or down, make the path to improve the size of the workers,
You can use this site to see live stages of all the ongoing cases.
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