Modi government's tremendous master plan after the ban!

Modi government's tremendous master plan after the ban! All be cautious In the list of World Bank's Review of Doing Business Ranking, the rise in the global rating agency Moody's, and the enthusiasm of 30 funding, the Modi government is looking forward to working on the unique and ambitious vision of one billion billion billion. However, Moody's and World Bank notebooks, GST and support linking have been praised. One billion - one billion - one billion vision plans to connect one billion unique figures with one billion bank accounts and one billion mobiles. According to official sources, the government has fixed the big notes of Rs. 6 lakh crore due to this target ban, keeping the bank account open and keeping in mind the increasing currency of digital payments. In  from linking subsidy payments under UEID schemes and welfare schemes, criticism of pen card and other use by private companies has also been criticized by saying that many people are being deprived of it and violations of the public's privacy.
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