Modi government's one-lash: Rs 93 per liter increase in cooking gas, how much will it cost cylinders?

For four months, the price of gas cylinders was hiked by Rs 4 per month but now it has been increased significantly by Rs 93.10. This will increase the price of gas cylinders at Rs 7 Has gone This increase in the price has been implemented from today. At the same time, air fuel prices have also increased.
The government plans to end subsidy on cooking gas by March next. And the price of LPG cylinders has been increased under this scheme. Price rise can spoil the kitchen budget of small and middle class families.

There was an increase of Rs.44 per month for four months, but yesterday it has been increased to Rs 93.90 a tonne. Due to which the bottle price has gone up to 755 or 7. The impact of price rise has hit the small and middle class people. Perhaps this is the first time when there has been an increase of Rs 93.
In the last one year, the subsidized cooking gas price has increased by Rs 110. The cost of cooking gas is increasing and subsidies are declining. It is believed that there will be a restriction on the black market to stop subsidy. The 19 kilo cylinder price is Rs. If you have gone, the subsidized cylinders will be available in 491.13.

Apart from this, the price of commercial cylinders has gone upto 1310.90. Now the distance between the commercial and domestic bottleneck has decreased. After subsidy ceases, there will be no gap between the two. By March this gap will be over and shopkeepers will use commercial gas instead of domestic gas. It is noteworthy that the government gives a subsidy of 12 rupees to the customer in the year, if there is a requirement of 13 percent, then the market price has to be paid.

In Delhi, Rs 742 will be available in Kolkata, 7.99 in Kolkata, 718. in Mumbai and 7 in Chennai. Last month prices were 649, 66PP, 6RP and 6P6PP respectively. Subsidized cylinders will now get 49569 in Delhi, Kolkata 498.43, Mumbai 498.38 and Chennai 483.69. In October, the price was 491.13, 493.83, 493.80 and 479.11 respectively.

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