If you travel in ST, then you have to know what is good news

If you travel in ST, then you have to know what is good news
Ahmedabad: ST Travelers traveling with the preparation of standing up when the bus is not available in the bus so far, will have a new option. Before they can travel in the bus, they will know how many seats are vacant in the bus. Accordingly, the passenger will be able to decide whether to disembark the next bus or to catch another bus which will prevent the bus scam in the bus.
Till now, state-run STs including Ahmedabad The condition of the bus was that the passengers could go from one place to another. When they were standing at the station, they did not know if they would get a place in the bus. Now STA has added one extra feature in its application. Accordingly, the passenger can now get information about how many seats are vacant in the bus coming from the above station.
Sources in the ST said that this service has been started in an experimental and primary way. Upcoming will be implemented in full swing throughout the state. Each controller will update the application via smart phone only. As such, STs related to Ahmedabad. The remaining seats in the bus will be filled by the conductor for the next station after the information of the waiting stations.
It will get an update in the traveler app. Currently more than 500 presidents of Ahmedabad Depot have been trained to update the status. The conductor does not have a smartphone, it has been told to take it.
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