Gujarat BJP 30 Bethako Na Umedvaro List Nakki

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Gujarat BJP 30 Bethako Na Umedvaro List NakkiAhmedabad: According to a top Gujarati daily, when BJP has prepared a list of its candidates in Gujarat, it is also scheduled to take the ticket of 8 ministers from the 25 ministers of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and 3 parliamentary secretaries from 11 parliamentary secretaries.
Gujarat BJP 30 Bethako Na Umedvaro List Nakki BJP’s top circles believe that this time around 70 percent new faces have to be put in the face of anti-incubation. It is not surprising if more ministers and parliamentary secretaries fall in line with this. According to BJP sources, the Cabinet ministers will be repatriated, but 8 ministers of state level have been arrested.
Giani Kawadia’s name is at the top of these 8 state level ministers. The BJP’s decision-makers have quashed their name as the state’s elected Jayanti Kawadiya, elected from Dhrangadhra, has declared unwillingness to contest elections due to Patidar movement.
Gujarat BJP 30 Bethako Na Umedvaro List Nakki The four book passes are the favorites of the state education minister Nanu Vanani Party, but without any of the diamond businessmen four years ago, Vanani has not done any work in two terms. There is a lot of anger against him in Leua Patel community in Kartaga. It is clear that the current corporate leaders – either Vino Modia or Jagdish Patel – will be given tickets.
State minister for co-operation minister Eshwarasinh Patel, who came from the Koli community as chairman of Panwai Sugar Factory in Ankleshwar, has just come out of the negligence, but the party has made a mindset to drop him in Ankleshwar.
The 73-year state minister for transport, Vallabhbhai Kakadia, has formed a new benchmark for the 75-year-old age of the party. The party is not happy with their performances, so the party has decided to remove old Jogi Gordhan Zadaphia.a
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