Government has made the payment to the Central employees

Government has made the payment to the Central employees
New Delhi: To stop unnecessary expenditure, the government has stopped the number of advances received by central employees. Central employees received some interest-free advances according to their positions and salaries, which they used to deduct in easy installments, but now many such advances have been discontinued.
A total of eight advanced advances have been discontinued, many advances like purchase of bicycles, hot clothes, transfer advances, festival advances, advance overdue advances, etc. have been discontinued. Apart from this, central employees also received advance during natural disasters.
Before Independence, central employees were also advised for legal action, which had been issued so far, but the government has now closed it. Likewise, central staff members who had been advised to receive Hindi training through correspondence have also been closed.
The establishment ministry issued the order a few times before, but now the departments have started the process of implementing it. The establishment ministry said that this step has been completed to implement the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission and the pay panel has recommended to close interest-free advances.
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