February Sudhi Ma Na Jodyu Aadhar Sathe Sim To Thayt Jase De-active

Yuletility Desk, Ahmedabad: The government has made it mandatory to link the 12 digit Aadhaar number to the SIM card. Until the last date of February 6, 2018, the phone number which is not linked to the base will be disconnected. The Supreme Court has refused to suspend the banking accounts and mobile number with the support attached. His decision has been left on the Constitution Bench. In the past few days, the government has made the linking process more easily. Read 8 things that everyone should know about …
1. Mobile user will be able to use OTP for linking from December
Now giving the flexibility to the customers, the Unique Identification Authority has announced that the support number
Such people will not get 18 percent GST charge. This decision can be taken at a meeting of the GST Council on Friday.
Digital Transaction is to be promoted
According to an Economic News Paper report, an official of the Finance Ministry said that the government intends to encourage Digital Transaction further, so that more and more people use Digital. Currently, tax is levied for online transactions, so people use it very little.
Traders will also benefit
The government will also benefit from businessmen who are connected to the GST network. If a trader fills his tax online, he may be given a relief in tax, a casework or a different reward
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