Do you have a ration card? So read this requirement

By justok | November 16, 2017
If you have a ration card they have bad news. Benefits of this scheme started by the government will not be available to the beneficiary of the ration card.
The APL card holders will not get the benefit of Direct Benefit Transfer sooner because 50% of the so far cards in the region have been clamped with the bank account. It is worth mentioning that 80% of the cards in the Chattawat district of Uttarakhand have been linked to the bank account.
It is worth mentioning that the applicants of APL ration card will be given the benefit of DBT under the state food scheme from November 1. Under the scheme, card holders account is available 185 per month, so that card holders can buy foodgrain from the open market. There are currently 10 lakh 44 thousand 542 APL card holders in Uttarakhand.
In some areas of local jurisdictions, many ration card holders have been found in any of the areas where there is no account in any bank.
So far 22% ration cards have been linked to the bank in the district in the name of Udhamsingh Nagar. While talking about Dehradun, 40% of the ration cards are linked to the bank.
Most banks have been linked to Champawat. About 80% of the ration cards in this district have been linked to the bank, which was reported by Champawat collector.
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