Central Government Will Get The New Home For The New Home From The Central Government

Central Government Will Get The New Home For The New Home From The Central Government
The government is going to meet more buyers of central employees involved in the search for a new house. Central government employees can now get 25 lakh rupees advance with 8.50% interest for the construction or purchase of a new house. Prior to this, a maximum of 7.50 lakh rupees was raised and the interest rate was between 6% and 9.50%.
A senior official associated with the Ministry of Building and Urban Affairs said that, for the last twenty years, the benefit of housing building advances would be around 11 lakh rupees as compared to other companies offering Rs 25 lakh.
He said, " If the loan of 25 lacs by a bank like SBI is taken from the current interest of 8.35% for the last twenty years, then the monthly interest is 21 thousand 459 rupees." The amount paid at the end of 20 years is 51.50 lakhs. It also includes a sum of 26.50 lakhs of interest.
If this loan is taken from HBA to the general interest of 8.50% for twenty years , the monthly interest for the first fifteen years is 13 thousand 890 rupees. Then there is monthly monthly income of 26 thousand 411 rupees per week. The amount so issued is 40.84 lakhs. It includes Rs 15.84 lakhs of interest. If a couple is a central government employee. They can also take advantage of this plan differently and together. Both of them could only take advantage of this before.
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