Adhar, Apple and Samsung all have data about the people of the country

Controversy is being raised on support
Samsung saves mobile company if Apple gives data to FBI
Support, Apple and Samsung are all named after the public. Support has people's biometric information, Apple also has the information of all customers, Samsung also has such information.
The question here is that the base card is criticized even though the data of the citizens of the country is not available to foreign mobile companies. If Apple takes the buyer's finger print from his buyer, well then people love lovingly and pay a phone charge of 50,000 rupees.
Idea of ​​base card is good, no one can steal data, but there is no control over the data from Apple stolen or used in any other use. Apple's technique is that all the data is saved in the iPhone back-up service.
However, my price is 50,000 rupees. No control is on me Experts say that the base is not secure; Their data can be hacked. Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) once asked Apple for data, he gave it. Samsung has indicated that we also gave data to Voova and Zoom.
The support base in India, with the support of Apple and Samsung, is seen only with suspicion. The fact is that people of India are just criticizing the government of India. Aadhaar card is free but by paying 50,000 to Apple, we give it our own data. We fear that we will be able to get the support, but we never care what mobile companies do about data.
The situation of the people of the country should be taken seriously. What are the top mobile companies in the base card? There was also a dispute about linking the base card to the bank account. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was not ready for the link, but the Supreme Court had to criticize her.
The important thing here is of personal data. External mobile companies openly say that if we ask for FBI, we are providing all customer data while Samsung gives data to other mobile companies.
Data leaked to this position; India should think about the three conditions that can be hacked or sold.
Rules for shutting down the Internet
Often Internet shutdown has increased due to rumors of social networking. Rumors on social networks are causing the storms to increase. The authorities immediately shut down the Internet in those areas. Rumors also stop when rumors start to stop.
Events that are ordered to shut down the Internet are found on sixteen. By 2017, it was ordered to shut down the Internet 51 times by October 15.
There were 35 such cases in 2016, and 18 cases were registered in 2015. In short, there were more negative publicity on social work in 2017. Rumors were more prevalent due to rumors and excitement as well as outrageous messages. In many areas the social network played the role of villain. This year 60 events took place due to unfinished details on the social network. In some messages, the aim of the storms was to spread chaos.
The Department of Telecommunication and the Home Ministry have prepared a policy that if any services are to be shut down in any area, then the decision will be decided by a specific committee. District authorities or State authorities can not shut down Internet service. The committee created by the Center and the state's home secretary will decide on the internet to stop it and report it to the telecom companies.
The information provider states that no order will be given to shut down the internet for more than 24 hours. A re-order will be passed for it.
The order to shut down the Internet will have to prepare a district level report. After shutting down the internet for 24 hours, the situation will be reviewed and the next order will be available. So far, the District Magistrate or Police Department was taking the decision. Both the government and the public believe that the decision to shut down the internet is fast-paced because the committee has been formed.
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