7TH PAY: Government Give Free Signal For Minimum Salary As 21 ThousandsOther Jobs  November 6, 2017 

Since the suggestions of the Seventh Pay Commission, there is an interest to increase salary rates of focal representatives. The most recent report has indicated that, in the administration, under the swelling rocks, the payment of twenty-eight thousand rupees for twenty-one rupees has been paid by law. Presently the best investigation, what is the common gathering ever used?  According to the reports, this inflammatory compensation is going to be accessible to Focal employees from the Gregorian calendar month 2018, it indicates that payment comes when it is very happy that on the basis of the full Gregorian calendar month being employed Can pay the increase. Indeed, even in October, the fact that the Focal Government has given an inexperienced flag to return such reports had to extend the compensation below Rs. Eighteen thousand rupees to Rs. 21,000 Except this issue, the National Discrepancy Committee and therefore the Department of Expenditure can decide on final selection. One of them is a fictitious fantasy; Twenty people in the board were going to be the
Let us tell you that the devout children of central employees got the education allowance of 30,000 rupees. After the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, it has now been increased to 54,000 rupees annually. Under the Seventh Pay Commission, education allowance of children of Central employees has been doubled compared to other children. General Divyang children receive education allowance of Rs 2,250 / month for studying. If the mother and father of the Divya’s child are both central government employees, then one can take a single allowance for the child. Earlier, the Divine children received
 this allowance of 1,500 rupees a month.

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