Why the election program in Gujarat is not announced? When will the announcement? Learn Details

Gandhinagar: The Central Election Commission announced the dates of elections in Himachal Pradesh on Thursday, but surprisingly the election dates in Gujarat have not been announced. There is speculation about why elections are not announced in Gujarat and the reason is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Gujarat.
In Gujarat, the pride of the BJP is getting out. On the eve of its final day ie 17 October, the BJP has got a huge convention of the presidents appointed by each of the voters in the constituency of Gandhinagar. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are in attendance at this convention to address the public meeting.
Narendra Modi will go Bhavnagar the next day. In Bhavnagar, Narendra Modi will inaugurate Ghogha-Dahej Ferry Service. Thereafter, a public meeting was also organized. After the completion of the Prime Minister's Public Meeting, ie after 17 October, the Gujarat assembly elections will be announced anytime.
The date of announcement by the date of election will be implemented from the date of announcement in the state and as a part of its implementation the announcement has been withdrawn due to no new announcement that the central or state government can influence the voters.
In the presence of Narendra Modi, on October 16, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Amit Shah will announce a major announcement before the manifesto will be announced and the announcement of the Gujarat assembly elections will be announced by the Election Commission.
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