Toll tax take was quite big news, specific to learn, such as true sandesh

Toll tax take was quite big news, specific to learn, such as true sandesh
toll tax take soon relief can be found. New tall policy tax travel distance connect to the short travel less tall and on a long journey more toll. Now toll Plaza on a set fees must, even if somebody travel long or short. Road transport and Highway Secretary Singh Malik's Friday on said that his government intelligent transportation management system on working. He said that close toll policy place we intelligent transportation management by opening toll policy bring are so that you so much the same toll tax give, you to travel to be. He said that we soon new policy bring a distance and within a year to apply to be able to be possible. United States, Australia, such as many country distance based electronic toll on trial are. Malik said that Surat Gujarat the second part roll-on-roll-off (ro-ro) fairy get on in by 600-700 km savings will be. Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week Saurashtra Bhavnagar district ઘોઘા and Bharuch dowry between 615 crore cost is prepared row-row fairy services started. Event of railway board chairman Ashwini said that Ahmedabad and Mumbai between 508 km bullet train project 2022 by will meet. He also said that the other high-speed rail corridor preparation.

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