This market is available in exchange for Rs. 1200. Note of 2000 rupees

This market is available in exchange for Rs. 1200. Note of 2000 rupees
After the nationwide ban on November 8, the new note of 500 and 2000 rupees came into the market. But after a few seconds, the fake currency of 500-2000 was caught from different parts of the country.
After the ban, this streak is continuing. On Wednesday, fake notes of Rs 6 lakh were seized in Delhi. Bangladeshi women in Agra have been caught supplying counterfeit notes. What is so alarming is that, as many people are caught with fake notes, they have this fake note coming from West Bengal's Malta. Malda fake notes have become a hub. The National Investigation Agency has also acknowledged this in its investigation. Malda counterfeit note supply is being done on the way to Bangladesh.
All the items near the Bangladesh border, which have no connectivity of rail and road, have converted the land into Fake India Currency Notes Capital. If you believe in formulas, there is a newbanking on the other side of the board. Where duplicate notes print is done. Malda is connected directly to Delhi, Southern states, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh via rail. There is a way that takes 30 minutes to reach the country and other areas. Jharkhand can also be reached by crossing Malda-Ganges.
There is also a fake note from Bangladesh
The name of a Hindustani village near Mohammedpur is from Mohabbatpur. The people of the village say that once a day BSF units are coming. The sources said that in the evening the notes bundle is thrown from the other side of the Border. This bundle is from 50 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees. The small children of the village lift the bundle.
Children in this work are used because they can be punished less under the Juvenile Act. One person lasts approximately 1 km for these bundles. The space between the two changes, where the bundle is assigned. This packet is reached here. Due to the railway station, this note is reached from Assam, Delhi, South India, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. There is no problem in taking a walk.
1 thousand rupees note in 2 thousand notes
Some sources said that the biggest deletion in fake notes is in the Rs 2 thousand notes. Until recently, the notes of Rs 2 thousand rupees were easily available in a thousand rupees. But the price of counterfeit notes has increased due to the increased demand. Now the notes of Rs 2 thousand are not available in less than Rs 1,200. The 500 rupees note is being found in 250 to 300 rupees. Speaking of Rs. 100 note, its demand is low. But it is not that this note is not found. The price of one rupee 100 rupee is worth 45 rupees in the Malda market.

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