A big announcement made by the company in the delivery of the Geo phone
Reliance Jio launched its very discussed Geo phone delivery and Jio Care informed the company that customers who have pre-booked the phone will get the delivery of the phone before Diwali. Apart from this, delivery status will be available very soon at 1800 890 8900. '
This year, Diwali is celebrated on October 19, so all the customers will get the phone before it is futures promised by the company.
This time the company has adopted tremendous strategies at delivery. According to the data available, the delivery of these 4G handsets will be done in rural areas and in small towns. Reliance Jio phone will remove the digital gap between rural and urban India and will strengthen its hold in these areas. For the first time, small towns and villages will be started.
It is worth noting that 500 rupees had to be deposited for booking this phone. The remaining 1000 rupees will be provided when the phone comes in handy. After using this phone for 3 years, the company will return 1500 rupees.
Geo Phone's first booking was started on August 24. Due to the large number of pre-booking, the company had to close pre-booking within two days.
Initially, more than six million people have done pre-booking for the phone. The company did not expect that such a large number of people would be pre-booking. Geo spoke about delivering the phone in the first week of September, although the company did not start its delivery in the first week.
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