Petrol Diesel Under GST Government to Decide 10 November News Reprot

Petrol diesel prices in india is reviewed and changed every fortnight after goverment has decided to deregulate the price. The petrol price deregulation has happened in early 2002 and diesel price in 2014. Goverment of india has suffered with huge subsidy because of oil prices. Now, goverment has given up the control and market to decide the fuel oil prices. This has given mixed reaction in the market about the goverment move. Hence petrol, diesel price tend to change often, but LPG cylinder, LPG gas, CNG gas is changed periodiclly.
Due to instable price, the petroleum price tend to change confuse the end customer. Hence we have provided search tool to know the exact petroleum price in each and every city of India. Along with the current prices, you can find the following details in our site
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