Petrol Diesal Na Bhav Ma Ghatado Juo Report

Petrol Diesal Na Bhav Ma Ghatado Juo Report
The central government has taken important steps after the controversy over the rising prices of petrol and diesel. The government has reduced the basic excise duty from petrol and diesel, giving a big relief, which has reduced prices of petrol and diesel by two rupees per liter. This new rate will be effective from midnight on Tuesday.
Govt of India has reduced the Basic Excise Duty on Petrol & Diesel [both branded and unbranded] by Rs. 2 per liter w.e.f. 4th October, 2017
- Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) 
In the last two months, prices of petrol and diesel were seen tremendously, for which the opposition was not only, but the NDA allies Shiv Sena also targeted the government. Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray had even said that cheaper petrol and diesel than India is being sold in Pakistan. It is believed that the rise in the price of petrol is not only responsible for the rise in crude oil prices, but also the tax imposed by the government on this is also a reason.
With this, the government is getting very good revenue. In the financial year 2016-17, the government has received revenue of Rs 2.67 lakh crore from petrol and diesel. According to the data, at the level of oil companies, 1 liter of petrol is ready for Rs 31. After this, tax is levied on behalf of the Central Government i.e., more than Rs 48 per liter has to be taxed only.
Since year 2014, the central government has increased excise duty on petrol by 126%. At the same time, the duty on diesel has increased by 374 per cent. This is the reason why for some time the prices of crude oil have not been able to meet the common man even after the decline.
Price of petrol and diesel at 12 o'clock nights
On Tuesday, the price of petrol was Rs 70.88 per liter in Delhi, Rs 73.62 in Kolkata, Rs 79.99 in Mumbai, Rs 73.48 in Chennai, Rs 71.07 in Chennai, Rs 70.83 in Gururgram, 72.93 in Noida, 72.82 in Ghaziabad. At the same time, diesel was priced at Rs 59.14 per liter in Delhi, Rs 61.80 in Kolkata, Rs 62.82 in Mumbai, Rs 62.3 in Mumbai, Rs 59.64 in Chennai, Rs 59.42 in Faridabad, 60.18 in Noida, 60.07 in Ghaziabad.
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