Narendra Modi's government will make central employees 'Malamal'

Narendra Modi's government will make central employees 'Malamal'
Center's Narendra Modi government is preparing to give a huge gift to the 48 lakh central employees of Diwali. According to the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission of the Central Government, the minimum wage of Central employees is Rs. More than Rs 18,000 21,000 is in Perwis. However, the minimum monthly salary is Rs. Demanding to 26,000
According to the media report, NAC's meeting will be held next month. The meeting is expected to review the basic salary structure. In the Seventh Pay Commission, it was recommended to increase the salary of employees to 2.57 times, but employees are demanding a three-fold increase.
The central government has reduced the minimum basic salary Seven thousand rupees increase 18 thousand rupees and maximum basic salary of Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 allowed to be done. Employees' organizations are not happy with them and they cost Rs. 18 thousand rupees instead of Rs. Seeking to make 26 thousand

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