Money can be withdrawn from the ATM without a card ...

Adding new features to smartphones and new models in the changing technology day. Come to the market with a new design. Apple released the eighth series, before that many companies have introduced new mobile phones with more features and cheaper smartphones. Smartphones are now also working like ours. Keeping a smart phone in the pocket, you can easily take money by going to ATMs. The users of Apple Pay can withdraw money from ATM without the help of any debit or credit card. In the United States, approximately 5000 Wells Fargo ATMs have been given this facility to consumers. If you lose your pocketpackets at home, then with this new feature you can easily withdraw money from ATM without any problem. For that, however, you have to have a smartphone. To lift a cash without a credit card or debit card, the user has to first activate the Wallet feature in a phone that uses the Apple Pay app. After that, transactions can be done using regular field communication (NFC) technology. At the ATM for NFC Transaction, a chip has already been installed, which can be done through the transaction. Cardless ATMs have begun in America in this age of mobile payments. Hope this facility will be available in other countries including India. Most people today pay their bill mainly through a payment app.
Report: Bharat Panchal

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