In five years, $ 85 billion FDI, employment opportunities will increase

Horoscope of foreign investment will come in the country
New Delhi 16: The biggest question of the central government is that it is unemployment but now the government is feeling like it is going to fight on this front. About 600 companies from China's heavy industry, under the special investment policy of Invest India, are preparing to invest $ 85 billion in India. This will increase the employment opportunities of 7 lakh in different sectors.
India government policy is a list of 200 companies which are not currently working in India, to make India better than investment benefits and investment in India under Investment India.
"We have set a target of $ 100 billion as a net foreign investment in the country in the next two years," said Deepak Bagla, investment director of Invest India. In which new and pre-existing two types of projects have been given importance. In FY 2017, India had the highest FDI of $ 43 billion. This amount was 9% higher than last year.
China's Saini Heavy Industries, which is also the world's largest engineering machinery manufacturer, plans to invest $ 9.8 billion in India. Apart from Chinese companies such as Pacific Construction, China Fortune Land Development and Dalian Wanda, American companies like Amazon are also preparing for investment in India.
According to the investment India, the amount of FDI for FDI is already coming to about $ 74.3 million. This has created 1 lakh job opportunities. Rolls Royce and Australian Pardamain Industry also want to invest $ 3 billion in India.
Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu said that in order to increase foreign investment in the country, there is a need to make a fundamental change in the government's viewpoint so far. The government is approaching future investors. Invest India said that in the last 2 years, more than one lakh investors and companies from 114 countries have been asked by various questions and accordingly the policy has been decided. Due to which companies do not have any problems in the future.
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