How To Save Money In your Home..!

How To Save Money In your Home..!
All Competition Exam Very Important General knowledge. Many people have asked me about my future job. Well, actually I haven't made up my mind yet, but I can definitely claim that my other job besides the main one will be a writer. Since I was just 10 years old, I've always loved writing. Whenever I read a book or a story, I always ask myself '' Why don't you create a story of your own?'' and a new idea for my own stories will then pop up in my head. I can't really explain why I love making stories so much-maybe because I love controlling things, I suppose, and writing helps me control the destiny of all my characters. I don't even wait for the future to start this job, actually; by the time I am writing this paragraph, I've already been the owner of more than 20 stories and even got the second prize of a writing competition. You can say I'm very proud of what I am doing.
    I know, my stories aren't as good as a lot of people's, but I am still improving my skills day by day and all the difficulties won't be able to keep me back. To sum up, I want to be an excellent writer by the time I have grown up.
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