All you know about what Twitter is all about. Like Facebook, Twitter is also a social media site. You can also create your account by logging in. But do you know that by staying active on Twitter you can earn up to 20 thousand rupees per month. And this thing you can do or even do your own business. Many people earn money on Twitter in this way. And we also have to tell you why you can earn money from home using Twitter. So what to do for this. Learn here.
First of all create an account on Twitter. Make your Twitter handle, ie ID, with your name and give it all information. You can get folks from Fake IDs, but you can have a repentance when you come to earn money. So create your own ID. And remember that your ID is attractive and organized.
Now you start updating important information in everyday life. Use a little bit of creativity. Doing so will make people more tweet and retweet your tweet. As well as increases your followers. And you can follow people who follow you. But yes, everyone should follow the follow up who has the number of followers and those who have an orthographic ID, rather than follow them. Also, tweeting on the appropriate hottest tag and tweeting on the trending topics can increase the number of your followers.
When your number of followers goes up to 50 thousand, you can contact a local advertising agency. There are many advertisements making companies in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi that offer money for the Twitter campaign.
In the current time if you have 50 thousand followers. So you get 10 rupees for each tweet. And if the follovers are more than 1 lakh then get 20 to 30 thousand rupees per tweet. The more tweet the more money is. In Bengaluru, in Delhi, many people earn only 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month by tweeting. And if there are more followers then earning up to 50 thousand rupees can also happen.
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