Good News : Petro Diesel Price Descrese By Gujarat Givernment

Good News : Petro Diesel Price Descrese By Gujarat Givernment
Chief Minister Vijay Rupani Press Conference was held in Gandhinagar on the Chief Minister's residence. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel was also present in the press conference .
.. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani made a big announcement at the press conference.
It is worth mentioning that giving gifts of Diwali to the people of Gujarat, Rupa said that VAT has been reduced by about 4% on petrol and diesel. This reduction will be effective from midnight today. People have applauded this decision taken by the government. The reduction made by the government will now be available to meet petrol 67.53 and diesel 60.70. This decision will reduce the revenue of the government Rs 2316 crore annually.
Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, "We have reduced prices by thinking of the public. Government has reduced prices as a gift of Diwali. The government will be reduced to Rs 2316 crore. Government has also reduced gas prices for the industries.
The Government of Gujarat will give 102 commissions instead of 83 rupees to the retailers of cheaper grains with petrol and diesel price reduction, but also announced an announcement that people with cheaper grains shop turned up again.
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