Delivery: Know when you will get a Geo Phone

Delivery: Know when you will get a Geo Phone
Reliance Geo has given a good news to its customers before Diwali. Now you do not have to wait long to take a jo phone. And this thing is done by Geo himself. This information has been provided by Geo Care via Twitter. According to the Geo Care Tweet, all its customers will get a Geo Phone by Diwali. When a customer asks for clarification on the delivery of a geo phone, this thing has been said by Geo Care. He said that delivery of Geo Phone will be started in different phases. And only those who have made a pre-booking of the Geo Phone will get the same phone as the Jio phone till Diwali. Also, when it is to be delivered, the store information and phone date will be given to the subscriber by SMS.
Geo do not come home
Together, Geo has clarified that this new phone from Geo will not be home. But you have to go to the Reliance Store for this. And in the Reliance store where you will get your phone, clarity will be given to the customer when the phone is ready for deliveries. It is noteworthy that nearly 6 lakh people have done pre-booking of Geo Phones.
What's the tweet?
Oneindia called Reliance Jio's customer service center number 18008908900, to get the address of the store to get 4 points. After that customer service center was told that you will receive the phone date and store address by SMS in the phone. Which clarifies that the delivery of Geo phones has started. And soon this phone can come in your hand.
1 year warranty
However, if Reliance Geo refuses to give you a security deposit of Rs 1500 after returning the 3G phone after 3 years, but you will be surprised to know that Geo Phoenix has kept its warranty for only 1 year. The company will fix it by taking any kind of money for just one year. Then you have to pay the price.
Doing so, no refund
If there is a problem at the time of warranty on the GEO phone and instead of repairing it at the Geo Store, then the phone warranty will be canceled if you fix it at any other store, and you will not get a refund of 1500 even if you return the phone after 3 years. Meet In addition, after 1 year, if you go to another store and fix your phone, you have been informed that you will not be given a refund after 3 years.
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