Contracted employees in various offices are now entitled to wages

Contract workers will get 90 days leave after one year: In case of accident or natural death, family will be given two lakh rupees in the current job
Ahmedabad 14: 11 months contract based employees for any project-mission or other operations in the institutions registered under various offices, departmental offices, grant-in-aid institutions, board-offices, societies, registered under Societies Act, and hence the daily allowance and daily allowance Will be Apart from this, he will get 11 extra holidays in addition to a casual addition. Women employees will receive 90-day maternity leave for non-salary. If such employee's work is good and it is desirable to appoint an appointment, it can be given.
Following the forthcoming assembly elections, the state government has decided to announce a number of decisions from the last one week and take immediate action. As part of this now, the government has stepped in to give various types of benefits to the contractual employees appointed for 11 months.
Contractual employees will receive travel and daily allowance. In which the monthly salary of such employee would be Rs. In case of travel for work of office for 20 thousand rupees, for the investment of 6 hours to 12 hours in the case of daily work, Rs. 100, 12 hours. 150 allowance will be given. Likewise, the fares of state ST buses, if the train is an attempt, will be given the second class fares of the railway. When such a worker gets a fixed salary of Rs. If they are between 20 thousand and 40 thousand, they will get Rs. 150 or Rs. 200 daily allowance will be given. If their salary is more than 40 thousand then such workers will get Rs. 200 or Rs. 250 allowance will be given.
In addition to written leave to employees, there will be an additional 11 holiday extra for other incidental circumstances. If contract-based employee dies due to an accident or naturally in the current job, his heirs will have to pay Rs. The death benefit of 2 lakh will be available. If there is no complaint against such employees, and their appointment again, their appointment will be extended in 15 days.

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