Blackmail ... will be revealed in a very secret report! 3 Parliamentary committee will investigate report

According to the US Congressional Tank, according to the Postmonitor: According to the US think tank, India was blackmailed by $ 770 billion in the period between 2005-2012 and $ 165 billion.
NEW DELHI: The Parliament Committee on Finance has decided to investigate four years after the three reports of Indians having important information about Blackmail in India and abroad abroad, and have decided to investigate it. Committee chairman and former law minister M. Veerappa Moily will be investigating this and after that the decision will be made to declare this report. So far all three reports have been kept secret.
A member of the committee said that after continuously, the Finance Ministry gave this report to the Parliament last month. However, the ministry has kept it secret. He said that because the report is very confidential, the question is whether he should share it with the members of the committee? He said that after the committee discussion, the chairman has given the authority to investigate the report and to make a decision about disclosing it.
The committee has 31 MPs, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The number of NDA MPs is 17. The study started with blackmail during UPA II. Report to the government Dec 30 Received 1st July, 18th, 18th and 24th of July, 014.
There is no official figure so far as to how much black is there in India and abroad. According to an MP, there is a separate guess in the three reports of blackmail generated in India by 013. For this reason, there is a reliable conjecture on blackmaps generated so far.
The US-based Think Tank Global Finance Integrity estimates that around $ 770 billion of blackmoney came to India during the period of 00 to 204. Meanwhile, $ 165 billion of black money is suspected to have gone out of the country. The report focuses on areas where blacks are generated.

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