WhatsApp will be the beginning of the business tool, know what benefits will be

WhatsApp will be the beginning of the business tool, know what benefits will be
The most popular app in social media, WhatsApp is now looking at the business tool. Screenshots and reports of WhatsApp services coming to the previous business were followed. But now the company has been specifically announced in this regard. The company said in its blog post that WhatsApp will test new features.
The company said, "We are testing the new tools that are being run on the Free Whatsapp business app, which is designed keeping in mind the small companies. There will be global companies such as e-commerce and airlines. "
According to reports, WhatsApp wants to earn money based on these tools, because for some time WhatsApp started taking money from users. But then it was closed. The company is now looking to earn money through business tools.
Users can also communicate directly with companies from a yellow color chatbox in the coming days. In addition, it is impossible to deploy this chat message, but users can also block companies in case of not being able to talk.
Watts has started testing these features in India. This service book has been started with my show. Book My Show has also sent confirmation to ticket users for ticket bookings. A user shared a screenshot of this also on Twitter.
In a message written in the screenshot, the company has informed the user that we will send you the confirmation of the ticket in this chat. But if you do not want a message you can send STOP. OLA subscribers will be able to meet OTP and Invoices Watts in coming days.
What will be the benefit of this?
You can ask questions from the company's WhatsApp Handle for information about any type of product, and if the company wants to support customers through WhatsApp, it can do it.
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