Whatsapp Text Status Becomes Colorful, How Do You View?

After beta testing, WhatsApp finally launched ColorsText States for their Android and iPhone apps. This feature was first launched by Facebook in the Android App last year. With this feature, the user can update the states with a colorful background, font and emoji combination on WhatsApp.
According to a report, WhatsApp confirmed that the color text feature has rolled out for every user of Android and iOS. However, after updating this feature app, every user will be seen. According to WABetaInfo's report, Android and iOS will be activated in a phased manner and it is left to be completely roll out. Where some users can view this feature, the rest of the users will be seen shortly. For an iPhone user, the camera icon will have a pen icon near the new States bar. Clicking the pen icon will give states, fonts, emoji and background color options.
After writing states and making necessary changes, tap on the green arrow to send text states. Then you will be able to activate WhatsApp states for each contact. For Android users, the Flatting Pen icon will appear at the bottom of the Camera icon in the States tab. At present, WhatsApp does not support this feature on Windows Phone and on the web, but every click state can be seen there.
Apart from this, there will be more sticker support in the iPhone app, plus better chat search features. Right now this sticker has been disabled, but will be switched on next. In the WhatsApp iPhone version v2.17.50 will also have an option to type in bot, italic and strikethrough. With whatever you want to write in the format, tap and hold and go to the floating option given below.
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