Vodafone signals, unlimited calling and data at Rs 7

After the arrival of Reliance's Geo Company in the telecom industry, all the companies have been forced to say that they come with cheap data plan calling for customers. For this reason, mobile companies are launching different plans. In addition, Vodafone has also placed a special offer market for its customers.
Vodafone has offered an offer of 7 rupees. This offer offers unlimited calling and data. Vodafone Super Super Hour will be available for both paid and post-paid customers. This tariff plan will start from 7 rupees. Vodafone calls and unlimited 4G / 3G data will be available from free Vodafone.
Post-paid customers can get this plan dialed the USSD code. Customers can take advantage of this new super hour at any time. But, if a customer has already made plans for Unlimited, they will not be able to take advantage of this plan.
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