This process will reveal the location of any smartphone

This process will reveal the location of any smartphone
Here we are going to tell you a trick through which we can track our phone. In fact, this is an app that we can install on ours or other phones, from anywhere, we can report the location of us and others. If the phone is lost or forgotten, then we can trace the phone using this app. This free app is named GPS tracker by Follow me. It can be installed from the Google Play store.
Go to the Google Play Store and download the blue-color icon app to install this app.
- One page will open when the app is open. Go to Settings in
Here you have to click on the link to register an account. The new page will be opened just by clicking here.
Here we have to enter the username and password. Then the track is going to interval and select for 1 minute. Then tap on Save.
- Now you can see that a GPS sign is on your phone's tape. Now get out of the App and go to Google Chrome and open GPS tracker by Follow me.
- We have to login again. There must be the user name and password entered in the app. Now the page will open in front of you. Tap on the last one that has been written in CONTINUE TO MY MAP.

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