This is the best tariff plan of less than 30 rupees

This is the best tariff plan of less than 30 rupees
Mt. 9: After the entry of Reliance Jio, the biggest drop in data prices in a year has been seen. Today, every company has been trying to attract customers by offering maximum data at cheaper prices. Currently, Airtel has rolled out a full series of tariff plan. Airtel is providing data up to 4 GB in a 5-rupee plan. Airtel is not alone in this race, almost all telecom companies have taken such cheap plans. Today we are telling you about a similar plan that can prove to be the best tariff plan for you within 30 rupees.
5 rupees plan: In this plan, you get 4 GB data. This offer is available only when the customer upgrades to his SIM 4G. The validity of the plan will be 7 days.
Airtel 8 Rupees Plan: In this plan, you get cheap call rates. Local-STD calls will get 30 paise per minute. Validity will be 56 days.
Geo 19 rupee plan: In this plan you will get 200 MB of 4G data and unlimited calls for one day.
Vodafone 19 rupees plan: This plan will get 100 MB of 4G data and Vodafone to Vodafone Unlimited voice calls.
Vodafone 29 rupees plan: This plan will get unlimited data from 1 hour to 6 hours in the morning ie 5 hours. There is no FUP Limit in this plan.
Idea 15 rupee plan: The plan will have 100 MB of data and local-STD calls for all 1.5 paise. The validity of this plan will be 30 days.
Idea 17 rupee plan: 200 MB of data for 15 days, all local-STD calls for 1.2 paise per second and 90 days.
Aircel 14 rupee plan: 100 MB data for 2 days, free voice call will not be available.
Aircel 28 Rs Plan: 250 MB for data five days.
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