The minimum wage of government employees will be such a rupee, know about its implementation

The minimum wage of government employees will be such a rupee, know about its implementation
Central employees are beginning to benefit from the benefits soon. According to the information received, the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, with the implementation of central employees' organizations, expressed displeasure over the minimum salary and fatement formula and threatened to go on an indefinite strike. Later the government interacted with the staff leaders and asked for a four-month period and again the talks started between the two sides.
Based on media reports, the Finance Ministry is considering paying minimum wages to central employees instead of 18000 to 21000. Earlier, the Central Government approved the proposal of laying down minimum wages of 18000 by applying the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission.
The Finance Ministry had passed the proposal to implement the 2.57-fold Fittible Formula, and now the ministry is planning to triple it.
According to reports, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has promised central employees to increase the minimum wage by 18,000. The government believes that the inequality of wages will be mostly relieved and will help the lower level employees. This decision will also prove crucial to poverty alleviation.
However, the demands of the employees are at least Rs 25000. The Central Cabinet approved the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on June 28 with 34 changes. According to the media report, the increase in minimum wages by the government can be implemented from October.
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