The coolest feature for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp will soon launch a superb features. This feature is coming out for video calling, its name is Picture in Picture (PiP). This feature will be launched for the iOS platform with Android.
In the Picture in Picture (PiP) feature, the user can decide the size of the window in video calling and can be taken to the screen. The benefit will be that, during the video calling, the user will be able to message any other person. The company has tested this feature on the Android platform in July. This feature is also known as PiP and in some episodes this feature is before, however, the user has not yet officially launched, but will be coming soon.
Now WhatsApp can only update text in the status quo. Before this, the user had the facility of posting photos or videos for updating status. But in the latest WhatsApp update, you can write text from the background to the background. Let us tell you that this status of the text will remain only for 24 hours
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