How to enable read receipts on Android IOS and other messengers
If you have sent important text messages and the recipient does not respond, you know all are curious or the recipient has read it that you have to overlook or are actually engaged in the work.
How to enable Read Receipts on Android, iOS and other messengers
If the message is casual, it's not a problem, but if the text message is excessive, then you might be having this problem. However, there are methods to check the status of the message.
Check message status in IOS devices
This method works when a message recipient has read receipts enabled and both of them need to use the iPhone. Below is a way to turn on read receipts from your iPhone.
Step 1: Open the setting in your phone
Step 2: Go in the message
Step 3: Turn your device into a sand-to-back reception toggle switch
This method will not work in Android and Windows Mobile
Check the message status in Android devices
Like the iOS device, Android also comes with a Red Recept option. In terms of methodology, it is similar to iMessage because a similar texting application is required whose receiver read receipts are already enabled on their phones. The process can change slightly depending on the manufacturer of handsets.
Step 1: Open the text message app
Step 2: Go to setting and open text message
Step 3: Read Reception Off. Not only that but you can make and receive delivery reception and off.
Social Media App
When it speaks to apps, there are two important ways we communicate with our friends - Facebook and Whortspace when there is no option to stop read receipts in Facebook, there is a way in Wharthers.
Step 1: Open the Wharters
Step 2: Go into setting
Step 3: Go into account privacy
Step 4: Now uncheck the read receipt there
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