Take care of this, Heart Attention will never be noticed

The most difficult question in all countries including India is Heart Attack. People from old age and older people suddenly die from heart attack. Sometimes it is also heard that there was no disease in the nails but due to a heart attack, due to the changing lifestyles and bad eating habits, this disease has been known to people. But if regular yoga, exercise and changes in lifestyle requirements make some changes in the disease.
Use soybeans
Every person should take 50 grams of soybean in their diet, keeping cholesterol in the body as a good proportion of omega-3 fats and fiber in soybean.
Methi is excellence
Daily 2 tablespoons of food should be applied in the metha, which affects the body's growing cholesterol. Methi can be taken with water or vegetables.
Incomplete cholesterol will remove
Inbangulam powder can be controlled on cholesterol by taking 50 grams throughout the day. Inicabul is very helpful in cleansing oilseed elements in our stomach.
Chickpeas are rich in iron and selenium content. The amount of folic acid in chickpea is also very large. Chickpeas work to remove bad cholesterol from the body.
Filler usage
Eating plenty of Vitamin C is full of blood quality throughout the day. This tumor keeps the oxygen flow good in the body.
Garlic needed in the diet
Four buds of garlic every day eliminate the problem of fatigue in the blood vessels. Heartburn does not pumping well due to fatigue, which can lead to heart attack

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