Goods and service tax (GST) council meeting has changed the GST rate on some items, which have been announced today. This changed rate has benefited the middle class and the general public. The details of these altered prices are as follows.
In the new list, the GST rate of items including walnut, tamarind, chickpeas, incense, incense, codrery cloth, fiber product, mait, and sari fall has been reduced from 5 percent to 12 percent. Apart from this, 28 percent of custodian powder, medical hand glaze, plastic raincoat, computer up to 20 inches, kitchen gas lighter has been reduced to 18 percent. Apart from this, the 18 percent GST rate on Italian-embroidery, clothing hat has been reduced to 12 percent.
For other details, the 28 percent GST rate of rubber bands, wood and stone statue has been reduced to 12 percent. The GST has been totally abolished on the luggage of Khadi, Khadi and Village Industries, Broom, Brush and some vegetables. Now there will be no tax on the statue made of clay, the first 28 percent GST rate was imposed.
Cotton quilt will now be 5 percent GST, which was earlier kept in 18 percent slab.
GST council has decided that the mid-size car cess will be increased by 2%. While cess on large luxury cars has been increased by 5%. 7% cess on SUV car has been increased.
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