Transfer money to any bank account, anywhere in India, at any time!
ItzCash, in association with IDBI Bank and Yes Bank, brings you the convenience of transferring money from your place of residence to any bank account across the country. ItzCash Money Transfer enables domestic money transfer through a very safe channel to almost all banks across India.
The money transfer service is available at over 3,000 ItzCash World Outlets from Tier I to Tier IV cities. It enables walk – in customers even without a bank account from place of transfer, to transfer funds to any bank account anywhere in India. Our trained franchisee owners offer convenient transfer of money into the recipient’s bank account at a convenient time even beyond banking hours.
No more standing in lines or filling out forms by hand at ItzCash World Outlets. No more carrying cash while waiting for the money transfer facility to open. All of this with great convenience.
Click the link for more information on the Money Transfer Charges & Terms and Conditions.
Reserve Bank of India approved payment system

Safe money transfer guaranteed

Flexible and extended agent timings

Money transferred to beneficiary within 24hrs

No waiting in long queues

Securing Yourself

First and foremost, you have to ensure that your computer or mobile device is secure before you even worry about the transaction itself. To start, make sure your operating system and any software or applications that may be involved in the financial transaction are up-to-date. If you’re on a traditional computer, this means making sure you’re working with the latest version of Windows or OS X or any other operating system. For Windows, you should just set the updates to install automatically. For a Mac, just keep your eyes on the App Store icon and install any update as soon as possible when one becomes available. On traditional machines, you definitely want to double check and make sure you are working with the latest version of the browser, too, because you’ll probably be conducting these transactions over the Web. Once you are sure you are on the most recent version of the operating system and browser, which you can generally figure out pretty easily somewhere in your browser’s settings menu, then you are ready to move on..
Mobile devices are a bit different. For these, you’ll also want to guarantee you are working with an up-to-date operating system, be it iOS or Android or Blackberry or Windows Mobile or whatever. The mobile environment differs slightly from the desktop computer in that you probably aren’t going to conduct your transactions over the Web. It’s more likely that you will use some sort of money transfer application. So, go ahead and make sure that application is totally updated. In fact, while you’re at it, you may as well update all your other apps as well, because it’s always possible for an attacker to achieve device-access through some other vulnerable application..
The reason we want to make sure we have all of our updates installed is because security updates ensure that most known vulnerabilities are closed off. Of course, there will be some bugs that don’t get patched for whatever reason, but on the whole, it’s nearly impossible to compromise a fully patched device. Sure, there are zero-days, but only a fool would burn a zero-day to skim banking information from a standard consumer..
The last thing you want to do to protect your personal machine is to make sure you are running a solid anti-virus program on both your mobile device and your traditional computer. It’s well-known that malware is an issue for the PC, but it’s also increasingly apparent that crooks are targeting the Android platform as well, particularly with financial malware. Running an anti-virus will ensure that you are keeping malware that could be designed to steal personal payment information off the device you are about to move money with. Beyond that, the best anti-virus products offera safe money feature that runs payment websites against a whitelist of trusted sites, checks to make sure your connection with them is secure, and also makes sure the systems on which the transfer is occurring are patched and secure..
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